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DREAMS DEA-SS 90 Days Employment Verification
Free Narcan and Fentanyl Test Kits
100723ATC-001 A Tribal Council Resolution to select the Tribal Council Coordinator
100723ATC-002 A Tribal Council Resolution to Approve the 2024 Budget
100723ATC-003 A Tribal Council Resolution to Support and Re-Establish Homelands in Colorado
100723ATC-004 A Tribal Council Resolution Amendment Regarding Residency Requirements
100723ATC-005 A Tribal Council Resolution to Add an At large District Legislator
Tribal Council
100723ATC-006 A Tribal Council Resolution to keep the gaming per capita as is (20%)
100723ATC-007 A Tribal Council Resolution to Determine Funding Based on Voter Population
100723ATC-008 A Tribal Council Resolution Requesting Expenditure Reports from the Legislators
2016 December STCM
2016 July STCM
2016 May STCM
2016 October ATC
2017 December STCM
2017 October ATCM
2017 October ATCM
2018 August STCM
2018 December STCM
2018 January STCM
2018 July STCM
2018 March STCM
2018 October ATCM
2018 October ATCM
2019 February STCM
2019 November STCM
2019 October ATCM
2019 October ATCM
2020 October ATCM
2020 October ATCM
2021 October ATCM
2021 Press Release Announcing Primary and General Elections
2021 Veterans Tribute
2022 April STCM
2022 December STCM
2022 July STCM
2023 Annual Tribal Council Meeting
Tribal Council
2023 Celebration-Ceremony Application
Language and Culture
2023 Election Commission Announcement
2023 Election Schedule
2023 Final Voters Listings
Election Commission
2023 Lodge Pole Memorial Run Application
Language and Culture
2023 Preliminary Voter's Listing
Election Commission
2023 Update Form
Department of Housing
2023 Women's Conference
2024 Arapaho Ceremony Assistance
2024 Ceremonial Assistance Application
Language and Culture
2024 Cheyenne Ceremony Assistance
2024 Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Budget Book
210930_CAT Phase 1 Summary v1
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