Department of Education

The Cheyenne and Arapaho Department of Education (CADOE) strives to address the educational and cultural needs of tribal members of all ages. CADOE was built on the premise of developing and incorporating educational curriculum that integrate Cheyenne and Arapaho culture ways with academics and providing a diversity of programs the serve tribal members of all age groups.

CADOE provides educational assistance, support, and encouragement to help tribal members to achieve their educational goals to help build a bright future. CADOE offers programs geared to help students at any age in the educational pursuits, and in some cases, services are extended to members of other tribes who reside in the tribal jurisdiction. CADOE program services are designed to help prepare the tribal member for employment opportunities that result in long-term careers and increase the quality of life for the tribal member and their families.

Contact information
Department of Education
(405) 422-7611
(405) 422-8215
Adult Education and Outreach Programs
(405) 422-7564
C&A Productions
(405) 422-7629
Canton Head Start Center
Child Care Development
(405) 422-7698
(405) 422-8217
Clinton Head Start Center
Concho Head Start Center
Head Start Program
(405) 422-7635
(405) 422-8216
Higher Education
(405) 422-7646
(405) 422-8211
Johnson O'Malley Program
(405) 422-7639
(405) 422-8212
Language Program
(405) 422-7569
(405) 422-8219
School Clothing Program
(405) 422-7445
State Tribal Education Partnerships (STEP) Program
(405) 422-7651
Tribal Library
(405) 422-7638
Tribes to School Resources Program
(405) 422-7448
Vocational Rehabilitation
(405) 422-7617
(405) 422-8213
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