Department of Labor

The Department of Labor addresses the deplorable rate of poverty, unemployment, and underemployment that exist among the Native People and safeguard the interest of the Tribes, enhance the sovereignty of the Tribes, and exercise stewardship over those resources committed to it by the Tribes and Federal Funding sources.

Our mission is to promote and empower the Native American Workforce within the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes’ service area by instituting equitable labor standards, providing opportunities for advancement, & safeguarding employee benefits & rights.

  • Promote policies and procedures for uninformed guidance in administering federally funded grants and contracts.
  • Develop meaningful “Career Pathways” to ensure successful outcomes for participants.
  • Collaborate with tribal, local, and state entities to meet the demands of the labor market.
  • Address employment and training issues relevant to the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Programs who work with youth and adults.
  • GED Classes, GED Testing, Career Development, Employment Opportunities, Supportive Services, Rehabilitation Assistance, Resource and Referrals, Data Collection, Veteran’s Services, and Priority Community Outreach.
  • Streamline Services: Develop a universal application among programs.
  • Leverage technology: Online applications, Training, and Services.
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Lucky Star Casino
  • Strengthen TERO Ordinance and establish Tribal Workforce Policy
  • Entrepreneur Training, Evidence Base Case Management, Tribal Wellness/Recovery Program
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Contact information
Department of Labor
(405) 422-8297
Adult Education and Outreach Programs
(405) 422-7564
110 E. White Rabbit Rd. Concho, OK
Employment and Training Administration
(405) 422-7494
(405) 422-8243
Office of Veterans Affairs
(405) 422-7622
(405) 422-8207
(405) 422-7564
110 E. White Rabbit Rd. Concho, OK
Vocational Rehabilitation
(405) 422-7617
(405) 422-8213
Forms and files
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DOL Central Intake-Referral Form-12022022
DREAMS AVT Financial Needs Analysis
DREAMS Brownsfield Training APP
DREAMS DEA Supportive Services Packet
DREAMS DEA Supportive Services packet - cover
DREAMS Driver's License Reinstatement Packet
DREAMS Fiber Optic Training APP
DREAMS GED packet-cover
DREAMS No Income Statement
DREAMS Privacy Statement
DREAMS Residence Verification Form
DREAMS Self-Assessment Packet
DREAMS Training Packet
DREAMS Training packet-cover
DREAMS Work Experience Packet
DREAMS Work Experience packet-cover
REQUEST FOR REIMBURSEMENT Drivers License re-vised
Survey of Needs (Employment)
Survey of Needs (Training)