Tribal Council Branch

The Tribal Council is composed of all Member of the Tribes ages eighteen and older and operates with an official Office of the Tribal Council. The 2006 Constitution of the Tribes appoints the Tribal Council with the following authorities:

  • Power to set policy for the Tribes and shall have all other powers and duties specifically provided by the Constitution.
  • Exclusive power to approve the annual budget for the Tribes
  • Power to authorize the Governor to enter into treaties, compacts, or any contract
  • Power to establish its own rules of order and procedure

The Tribal Council holds an Annual Meeting in October where many tribal issues, proposed resolutions, and community services information is disseminated and reviewed by the Tribal Council. The organizational structure of the Tribal Council is shown in the chart below.

Contact information
Tribal Council Branch
(405) 422-7430
(405) 422-8237
100 Red Moon Circle Concho OK
Tribal Council Coordinator
100 Red Moon Circle Concho, OK
Forms and files
Form Name
Fill online
100723ATC-001 A Tribal Council Resolution to select the Tribal Council Coordinator
100723ATC-002 A Tribal Council Resolution to Approve the 2024 Budget
100723ATC-003 A Tribal Council Resolution to Support and Re-Establish Homelands in Colorado
100723ATC-004 A Tribal Council Resolution Amendment Regarding Residency Requirements
100723ATC-005 A Tribal Council Resolution to Add an At large District Legislator
100723ATC-006 A Tribal Council Resolution to keep the gaming per capita as is (20%)
100723ATC-007 A Tribal Council Resolution to Determine Funding Based on Voter Population
100723ATC-008 A Tribal Council Resolution Requesting Expenditure Reports from the Legislators
2016 December STCM
2016 July STCM
2016 May STCM
2017 December STCM
2017 October ATCM
2018 August STCM
2018 December STCM
2018 January STCM
2018 July STCM
2018 March STCM
2018 October ATCM
2019 February STCM
2019 November STCM
2019 October ATCM
2020 October ATCM
2021 October ATCM
2022 April STCM
2022 December STCM
2022 July STCM
2024 Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Budget Book
Tribal Council Resolution Template
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