Department of Social Services

The Social Service Department administers the General Assistance Program, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Food Vouchers Program, and the Individual Indian Money (IIM) Supervised Accounts Program. Services are provided to tribal residents who reside in tribal jurisdiction. These programs strive to promote family unity through economic and social stability and help preserve and maintain the family unit while providing guidance toward self-sufficiency.

Contact information
Department of Social Services
(405) 422-7877
(405) 422-7405
Domestic Violence Program
(405) 295-1525
(405) 295-1895
Domestic Violence Program - Crisis
(405) 538-5590
Domestic Violence Program - Emergency
(405) 620-6395
Emergency Youth Shelter
(405) 574-6279
(405) 422-9063
Food Distribution
(405) 422-7873
(405) 422-8261
Indian Child Welfare
(405) 422-7495
(405) 422-8249
Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
(405) 422-7476
(405) 422-8218
Social Services Department
(405) 422-7923
(405) 422-8218
Tribal Family Advocate and Prevention
(405) 422-7592
(405) 422-8218
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