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Last updated Mar 21, 2022
Indian Health Service by Area

IHS Indian Health Services Expansion

On January 30, 2018, Resolution No. 7L-SS-2018-01 30-007 was passed to commit Tax Commission funds to construct 9,000 SF of additional floor space to the current 4,458 SF El Reno Indian Health Services (IHS) Clinic in the amount of $2.5M and return services which were lost during the May 2013 Tornado. Currently, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes have approximately 10,000 citizens in urgent need of healthcare services which cannot be met by current IHS staff and building.

The construction of the additional space will provide: expanded primary and specialty care, dental, pharmacy, general radiology, optometry, audiology, physical therapy, podiatry, along with additional space for more healthcare providers and support staff.

Project status is in the pre-design phase with the Planning and Development program working with selected and tribally-owned Architect, Anishinabe Design, and IHS Facility Planning team. Several target goals and responsibilities must be met on both Tribal and IHS side before commencing of construction. Substantial Completion of Construction is tentatively set for Spring, 2020.

Clinton Indian Health Center
(580) 331-3300

El Reno Indian Health Center
(405) 234-8400

Watonga Indian Health Center
(580) 623-4991

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