Healing to Wellness

The Healing to Wellness Court empowers tribal members to live soberly by offering comprehensive services that protect and support the recovery of offenders.

Last updated Mar 15, 2022
Healing to Wellness

On October 1, 2014, the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes were recipients of the Department of Justice Tribal Courts Assistance Program multi-year grant totaling $616,668. The purpose of this grant program was to respond to and reduce the ever-increasing criminal recidivism rate for alcohol and illicit drug arrests, involving Native Americans living within the Tribes’ jurisdiction.

This grant established a Healing to Wellness Court (HWC). The HWC is both a pre-plea diversion and deferred sentencing program. Points of entry into the HWC are at the initial court appearance or pre-sentence hearing. The HWC provides judicial supervision, treatment providers, community resources, and cultural, spiritual and traditional aspects of healing to sustain recovery and treatment.

New to the program this year is anger and stress management provided via a 12-session curriculum

Mrs. Kimberly Larney serves as the HWC Coordinator. For more information, please feel free to reach her at (405) 422-7424 or klarney@c-a-tribes.org.

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